Drones Around Hurricane Matthew

Drones Around Hurricane Matthew Fly Safe – Do Not Fly Drones around Hurricane Matthew In an effort to keep those in need of emergency assistance and first responders safe, we are reposting an email we received from the Federal Aviation Administration.  Do not fly drones around Hurricane Matthew. DO NOT FLY NEAR HURRICANE RESPONSE EFFORTS As […]

Drone operations, doing it legally.

Drone Use in Real Estate Have you considered using a drone to take pictures of your home, property, or listing? Do you know other agents that are already using drones to enhance their listings? Have you recently read in the news how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is cracking down on illegal drone use and starting […]

AirVidTech featured on NPR

AirVidTech was recently featured on NPR discussing the legality of drone operations, safe drone operations, and how AirVidTech is leading the way in the sUAS industry.  As an FAA Section 333 Exempt company, AirVidTech can legally provide drone based services commercially in the United States.  But AirVidTech is not only legal, we are also insured […]

AirVidTech receives FAA Section 333 Exemption

AirVidTech has received a FAA Section 333 Exemption to perform commercial drone activities (FAA). With our professional grade equipment including FLIR imaging systems and UHD cameras, along with our professional pilots, we plan to use our exemption to provide aerial based surveying, video, and 3D mapping to businesses across the United States.  These services which […]

Drones in Utah, Commercial Drones on Their Way

Drones in Utah Commercially Operated Drones in Utah Did you know that the United States is actually one of the late adopters of drone technologies?  Many countries across the world already permit drone commercial activities and have many drone pilots flying commercial drone operations for everything from video production to construction management and surveying.  The […]

FAA Regulations on Drones Recently Passed

Commercial Drone Operations New FAA Regulations on Drones The FAA, which is working to regulate commercial drone or UAS activities within controlled airspace, recently made two big announcements regarding new FAA regulations on drones.  The first is that there will be streamlined UAS COAs for Section 333 exemption holders (http://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=82245).  What that means is that the […]