Drone Technology Today and How it is Changing


Drone Technology

By now I am sure that everyone is aware of drone technology and how it is constantly changing the world around us.  Whether you listen to the news or not I am sure you have heard all the discussion regarding drones, their safety, the safety of everyone else on the ground, and how businesses are attempting to expand their operations through the use of drones.  Some of the largest companies in the world are jumping into the action such as Google, Boeing, and even Amazon is testing drones as delivery vehicles for products bought from their website.  Wright brothersIt is crazy to think that just one 100 years ago the Wright brothers first took to the air and now drones, uavs, uas, and so many other aerial vehicles are taking to the sky.

I remember when I got my first drone.  It was years ago when the first affordable and battery powered remote control helicopters were sold at kiosks in the mall.  They still sells these helicopters today that have very basic controls, use counter rotating main rotors for yaw control, and can only fly indoors but are a lot of fun and fairly simple to fly as you zoom around the living room.  I saw at one hobby store that these newer versions have little lasers and projectiles that you can shoot at other hobby copters and have mock wars.  It is crazy how fast the drone technology is changing.

Professional Drone Technology

What really excites me though is the professional drone technology that is hitting the market and the capabilities they possess.  One drone in my inventory is a DJI Inspire 1.  DJI Inspire - latest drone technologyThis quad copter has landing gear that raises to give full 360 viewing from the camera, shoots 4K ultra hd video, can transmit video over a mile, is GPS stabilized, and can make use of two RC controllers for separate piloting and video control.  I have been able to record absolutely stunning aerial video in Southern Utah and the St George Utah area (aerial video over Painted Desert).  Already the technology is stunning so I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years bring.